Adjusting your motivation back towards center

At this point in my life and my career, there is a delicate balance between letting things happen organically and making things happen agressively. Both have been very successful for me over the years. However, periodically it is necessary to actively adjust my motivation back towards center, to look in the mirror for the answers….

NYU Workshop

I had the honor of presenting a workshop on touring to about 40 students @CliveDavisInst at NYU. It was a big success and hopefully we will do more. A very special thanks to Nikki Mirasola and Jeff Rabhan, for all their help in making this happen.

Sting & Bryan Adams

I was fortunate to mix monitors for Sting and Bryan Adams Tuesday night at The TJ Martell Foundation Gala, in NYC. It was short and sweet, but never the less it went flawlessly. All involved were happy and I get to check something off my bucket list. President Clinto was there to give an award…

The Rebuild is well underway!

So, I have finally gotten around to rebuilding my website. It’s well on it’s way, but a long way from being complete. Take a look around, enjoy and come back soon!.   Cheers Doug