Nightwine & Live From Daryl’s House


After working for Hall & Oates as monitor engineer for a year and a half, I finally had the opportunity to work on Daryl Hall’s side project, LFDH. Daryl is opening a new club, by the same name in Pawling, NY. It is scheduled to open on Halloween, with Hall & Oates performing for the grand opening event.




The chance to be involved with the show is very exciting, on several levels for me. The music is amazing, which goes without saying. Being involved on the creation side is refreshing and something I really enjoy. As a live audio engineer, I’m not as typically involved in that process, as I would like to be. Also, I had the chance to explore the Behringer X32 digital console. I must say, it is a powerful tool and the price point is undeniable.




I can’t say who the guest was, but I can say that the songs were great and the musicianship is certainly A-list. Of course, anyone familiar with the show know that it’s a first class show, with amazing musicians. I’m truly looking forward to doing more episodes of this amazing show about real musicians, playing real music in a collabrative way.

Be sure to check out the show on Palladia, or Live From Daryl’s House.

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