SNL Entrusts Nightwine As Technical Director For 40th Anniversary After Party

Nightwine SNL 40


A New York City staple, Saturday Night Live just celebrated their 40th Anniversary with an historic, three and a half hour broadcast, on Sunday night. They followed it up with what some are calling “the most outstanding after party ever”, the SNL 40 Afterparty held at the Plaza Hotel.

About two weeks ago, Stacey Foster, managing director for Saturday night live, hired Nightwine to be the technical director for the after party event. My task was to provide a warm and inviting musical environment to entice some of the world’s most prominent musicians to get onstage and jam. The guest list of VIP’s was already nearing 500. The potential for a jam of epic proportion was clear, as was the need for top notch production and backline equipment.

Together with Clair Global, Bentley Meeker and SIR, a finely currated list of audio, band equipment and instruments was compiled. We needed to be prepared for anything. Of course we had drums, amps, guitars, keys and basses, but we also had banjos, harmonicas, harp amps, percussion, stomp boxes and left-handed instruments.

Plaza Stage is Set


The stage was set and ready for what would become one of the most amazing evenings I have ever experienced. There was much excitement in the air, as word spread through the crowd that the stage full of musical gear wasn’t set for a house band. It was there to lure musicians to the stage. It was Dan Akroyd who got the party started, by inviting Sir Paul McCartney to the stage. That was all it took and the jam of a lifetime was off and running.

I believe Jimmy Fallons description of how it all took place sums it up perfectly. His genuinely appreciative take on it is just lovely.

I am honored and blessed to have been asked to not only be a part of, but tasked with the responsibility of facilitating such an epic event. Thanks to all who helped make it so.

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