What A Night! What A Week!!!


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Last night in Washington, DC I had the supreme honor of working with Hall & Oates while performing for the President of the United States. The event was a dinner honoring all of the governors of this fair land of ours. We were to perform five songs, which ended up being seven, because President Obama kept asking for more! This was an unprecedented action, so I was told by White House staff.

About fifteen minutes before the show, we recieved word that the entire crew would get the chance to meet President Obama and Mrs. Obama. Obviously, Daryl, his family, John and his family, and the band went first. Then the crew was introduced, one by one to the President and the First Lady and a group picture was taken. As luck would have it, I was standing next to the leader of the free world for the picture!!! Last week Prince, this week the President of the United States of America. I can’t wait to see what next week holds! I am so grateful for the amazing life I have and the wonderful things I get to experience. I am the luckiest man I know!

Although I’m told it may take up to two months to get a copy of the photo, I’ll share a few with you here now. Trust me, as soon as the pic with Obama shows up, I’ll be posting it!!!

The bookleta bit about Hall & Oates

Bo, the First Dog with his tongue in my ear!!!
Bo, the First Dog with his tongue in my ear!!!

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