Concert Industry Superhero, ML Procise Passes. 

Details are still pending, but ML Procise died in his sleep last night, in his home outside Dallas, TX. He will be missed my the entire industry and the army of audio professionals who were lucky enough to have him on their team.

ML Procise befriended me some 20 years ago. I was a young mixer, working for a baby band. We were playing some club in Dallas’ Deep Ellum area. He was complimentary and enthusiastic, about my mix. I’m pretty sure he took me to dinner, cause there certainly wouldn’t have been any catering at the gig.

This was the start of a long and wonderful relationship with the man. Over the years he was instrumental in my placement with Joe Satriani, Gin Blosssoms, Korn, Kelly Clarkson and many many more. After myself, ML Procise is most responsible for my career in this wonderful business I call my own.

ML Procise, I thought of you as a friend, a mentor, a badass mixer, head honyocker and one of this industries legendary greats. This will not change! Enjoy mixing on the giant Prism rig in the sky, Big Hitter. You will be missed by all you have touched and influenced over the years and they are many.

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